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Below is a sample of the monthly Highlights offered by Heartspring.  Please feel free to use any of these in your church newsletter or bulletin, on your website, or in other communications. Also, please send us any educational “highlights” you’ve found useful with your congregation and we’ll share them with other Texas Conference churches.

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Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Under current laws appreciated stocks and bonds as well as real estate may be deductable for income tax purposes at their current fair market value. In most cases the appreciation (increase in value since purchase) is not taxed to you at all. You do not pay the capital gains tax and get a tax deduction as well. Consider using these securities to fulfill a pledge, or to make a special gift. For more information about giving appreciated securities contact Heartspring Methodist Foundation 713-533-3780, 1-800-521-9617 or .

Provide & Protect

Heartspring Methodist Foundation, financial partner to the Texas Conference, is now offering a new seminar: Provide & Protect: New Ideas for Financial Peace and Security. This free program offers information, tools and resources for making important life and death decisions, and will help you create the best long-term financial plan for your situation. Learn now to provide for your spouse, children, and/or loved ones with special needs. Hear about how to protect yourself, your family and your property. Learn ways to receive income for life, reduce your taxes, and make your charitable dollars go further. Attendants will receive a free planning toolkit which includes checklists, guides, and a copy of the book Provide & Protect written by planned giving guru, Charles Shultz.

Would your Sunday School class or small group benefit from Provide & Protect? For more information or to schedule a seminar let the church office know you’re interested, or contact Heartspring at 713-533-3780 (800-521-9617) or via .

Everyone Has a Will

Under Texas law, every man, woman and child has a will. You either have the one you wrote, or the one the state wrote for you. If you have not decided how your estate will be divided and who will have custody of your children, the state will decide those things for you. Scary, isn’t it? A part of every Christian’s stewardship of things and care for people includes these decisions. Check on your will today. For more information, contact Heartspring Methodist Foundation 713-533-3780, 800-521-9617 or .

How to Give Your House to the Church – and Keep it Too!

Gifts of real estate with a life interest can often have good consequences for you and for your church. Members frequently leave the family residence to the church in a will, not realizing the tax and estate advantages of donating their home while still living. By making a Gift With Life Interest, the donor will receive a tax deduction for much of the market value of the home while continuing to pay the insurance and taxes and live in the house for the life of the occupants. For more information, contact Heartspring Methodist Foundation 713-533-3780, 800-521-9617 or .

Gift Annuity: A Gift That Gives Back

Mrs. Jones, 78, has $50,000 in a CD at the bank that pays her 2 percent or $1,000 per year, approximately $800 after taxes. She intends to leave the CD to the church in her will. Instead, if she uses the $50,000 to create a gift annuity, she’ll receive $3,350 per year (based on age), a tax deduction of $24,462 on the gift, and $2,553 of her annual income is tax free. Her church will receive the remainder balance after her life. For more information on gift annuities and other life income gifts – “gifts that give back” – contact Heartspring Methodist Foundation 713-533-3780, 800-521-9617 or .

Insurance Policies: Hidden Treasure?

Most of us do not realize the financial potential of insurance policies. If you have a policy that was bought for a purpose that no longer exists, perhaps to protect a business investment that has matured or benefit someone not now living, it can be a very effective gift to the church endowment. It’s also possible to buy a policy on your own life, give it to the church, take a tax deduction for the premiums, and in five or six years have it paid off. Thus, for an investment of a few thousand dollars, you might leave the church $50,000. For more information, contact Heartspring Methodist Foundation 713-533-3780, 800-521-9617 or .

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