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Whether your church needs to build, invest or educate, we’re here to help.

Annual Campaigns

Heartspring provides consulting and support for annual stewardship campaigns. Our approach is based on “New Consecration Sunday,” a Christian stewardship program developed by Herb Miller.

New Consecration Sunday is a stewardship education program based on our Christian acceptance of God’s unconditional love and our need as God’s stewards to make a faithful commitment by giving a percentage of our income to God’s household, the Church. This is a spiritual growth program teaching giving as a response to God’s love. The “New Consecration Sunday” program encourages joyful giving rather than fund raising to meet a budget.

There is a direct correlation between how Christian stewardship is defined and taught and the congregation’s giving response. The program teaches percentage giving as the path to growing cheerful givers, and many churches experience a 10 percent or higher increase in giving as a result of an annual stewardship campaign.

Contact us today to learn how we may be able to help with your next annual stewardship campaign.

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