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Diversified Investment Options

We offer three types of diversified investment portfolios, including Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive. Each type is detailed below to help you pick the best portfolio to suit your needs. Diversified portfolios are appropriate for churches, agencies and institutions that:

  • Have a long-term investment horizon (three years or greater)
  • Want permanent, perpetual, or long-term endowments
  • Require both current income and long-term capital appreciation
  • Seek lower volatility of investment returns than investments in a single asset class

Diversified – Conservative

Conservative portfolios are designed with an emphasis on fixed income investments (up to 75% of the entire portfolio). The remaining 25 percent of the total asset allocation is in equities. It will have a higher yield than other diversified portfolios and may have a lower return than one which emphasizes stocks.

Diversified – Moderate

The Moderate Portfolio is our most popular diversified portfolio. The allocation has a mix of 30-50 percent fixed income and 50-70 percent equities and alternative investments. This “middle of the road” diversified portfolio is adjusted within different asset classes, based on current and future economic trends and analyses.

Diversified – Aggressive

Aggressive portfolios are designed for investment committees who wish to maximize their overall returns and who are impervious to short- or medium-term downturns in the stock market. The allocation can include up to 80% of equities and alternative assets, and 20 percent fixed income and cash. Our investment committee also will move in and out of asset classes periodically with this portfolio. It places little emphasis on income and has a high concentration on stocks, making it a better choice for those that emphasize a long-term time horizon, with a total return approach to investment management.

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