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Endowment Development

There are many reasons for setting up endowment funds to support your church or other ministry. Such funds encourage better stewardship, provide donors an opportunity to give, help care for facilities, enhance ministries, mission and programs, and show a strong commitment to the future.

An endowment fund, which may impose restrictions, provides a perpetual source of income for general operations (unrestricted), missions, scholarships, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a permanent endowment used for in a local church?

The permanent endowment fund usually supports the maintenance, beautification and expansion of the church properties.

How does a church start a permanent endowment?

The Foundation offers complimentary guidance to establish a permanent endowment according to requirements of the United Methodist Book of Discipline.

How much does it cost to start a permanent endowment?

Organizing a permanent endowment fund for your church can be accomplished without any added expense.

Will gifts to the permanent endowment fund reduce the annual giving for the support of the church?

No. The church family often increases annual giving because the permanent endowment demonstrates vision and stability.

Do we need lawyers and accountants to set up and administer a permanent endowment fund?

No. A permanent endowment fund is no more complicated than a building fund, a choir fund or any other fund a church might have.

How much work is involved in starting and growing a permanent endowment fund?

A task group must spend some time preparing a governing document, but it need not be a lengthy project. Heartspring can provide assistance with this. The most important work is developing and carrying out an appropriate communications schedule.

How can we educate our church family about the permanent endowment fund?

The Foundation can provide communication materials, and a workshop that informs and educates everyone.

What assistance is available for those who want to include our church in their wills or through other giving arrangements?

Heartspring Methodist Foundation provides confidential consultation and assistance to individuals considering making these kinds of gifts to your church.

If you have additional questions or would like more information, contact C.J. Taylor.

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